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Editing a contact's lists returns a 400 error


Editing a contact's lists returns a 400 error

I'm trying to edit a contact to add that contact to more than one list, when I use the editSubscriber method, I receive a 400 error. Sample code below:


$contact = $ccContactOBJ->getSubscriberDetails(urlencode(urldecode(trim($email))));
//get contact details for a specific email address.

if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']=="AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD") { //only perform this for my IP since I'm testing.

echo "<pre>";
//show contact's details

$lists = $contact[lists];

//add new list value to existing [lists] element
$contact[lists] = $lists;

print_r($contact); //just checking the object structure still looks OK

if ($ccContactOBJ->editSubscriber($contact[id],$contact)) {//edit the contact

$contact2 = $ccContactOBJ->getSubscriberDetails(urlencode(urldecode(trim($email))));
echo "</pre>";




I understand that the 400 error would imply malformed XML, but seeing as I'm re-using the same object structure that was obtained in the first place, I don't see how the error would be relevant.


Any ideas anyone?


Hey Jennifer,


It appears that you are using our cc_class.php as a wrapper which it was not intended for.  You can find our wrapper under the code samples which should help resolve your issue.


Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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