Email Campaign Test Send API


Email Campaign Test Send API

Hi All,


I am using following link and content to test the api


i have given api key and token in the top





Request Body  { "format":"HTML_AND_TEXT",

"personal_message":"This is a test send of the email campaign message.",

"email_addresses":[ "",




"" ] }



getting error as follows



Response Body  [{ "error_key":"http.header.content_type.invalid",

"error_message":"Invalid content type. API only supports application/json." }]


please some one help as soon as possible.


The error means that there is an incorrectly set HTTP header from the request, specifically Content-Type: application/json.  All you will need to do is set the Content-Type header as described in our documentation here:

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks for your quick reply, I hope this will solve my problem.


Regular Participant



A quick follow up on this. I've just started exploring CC integration and am new to the schemas. I ran into the same issue but aren't the request headers being generated via the Test call itself? I don't see the ability to change the header in the test page. If I try using my client, i get an authorization error. Can you please point me to the right doc / setup?



Thanks for pointing this out again.  We just updated I/O Docs and it should be all set now.  We had a configuration issue for the test send endpoint. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
Regular Participant

Beautiful. Appreciate the quick turnaround. 

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