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Email Campaigns list not returning values for sent, bounced, etc


Email Campaigns list not returning values for sent, bounced, etc

We've created a quick test page to pull some data using the Constant Contact ASP.NET libraries. The page connects and pulls the data fine, however it returns a value of "0" for all campaigns in the sent, bounces, etc, fields.


See this image for what I mean:



If I view the "Job & Industry News - March 2012" email on the Constant Contact website, I can see it has 2167 bounces (3.5%), 6024 clicks, 5 forwards, 12536 opens, etc... but none of this data is included in the Campaign list for some reason...


Any suggestions on what I might be missing?


It looks like you're using the GetEmailCampaignCollection() method and displaying the summary data for all your campaigns.  The summary data does not include details about individual campaigns outside of the Name and Status.  In order to get the events of a Campaign, like total Sends, Opens, Clicks, etc. you will need to use the GetCampaignById() method to pull the details on a specific Campaign. 


The reason you are seeing 0's for all those fields is the constructor for Campaign 0's out all the Int fields to make sure there are default values. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

You are indeed correct. I've modified my script to do just what you suggested.


It's unfortunate that those values are not populated with the name and email... that makes the number of API calls I have to make MUCH higher and my script run MUCH slower.


Thanks for the response!

Definitely great feedback on the summary information.  We've been looking at that design and we are going to be making many enhancements to these (and all) API features in a future update.  We will continue to notify the community on the status of all our enhancements and progress through our forum release notes and developer newsletter.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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