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Email Event IDs Changed (APIv1)

Occasional Advisor

Email Event IDs Changed (APIv1)

I've built a tool that gathers events (sends, bounces, click, etc) from Constant Contact and copies that data to a third party software. One of the pieces of data I copy over is the CC event ID.  At some point (late October or early November 2013) the IDs seemed to have changed. Normally I wouldn't care what the IDs look like but it seems existing events now have a new ID.  So when I gather new events I'm getting duplicative information since the key has changed.


I've seen this on at least two accounts I work with. Here are some examples...


1115183170449,157,1381244890510 was an event ID on Oct. 23, 2013

1115183170449,157,1381244880000 is the same event on Nov. 14, 2013


1114661377484,157,1377615614271 was an event ID on Aug. 28, 2013

1114661377484,157,1377615600000 is the same event on Nov. 14, 2013


I'm happy to provide more info. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Email Event IDs Changed (APIv1)



Thanks for posting in the forums.  Would you mind sending me a PM with the account details, or emailing  It looks like something unexpected may have happened when the accounts was migrated to the new CMS.  We'll need to perform an investigation.




Andrew B.

API Support, Constant Contact

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Re: Email Event IDs Changed (APIv1)

Just sent a PM.

Thanks Andrew.

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Re: Email Event IDs Changed (APIv1)

Thanks for the information.  I passed it along to a developer who will be performing an investigation, to try to figure out what happened.  I'll be in touch at intervals with a status or when I have an answer.