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I called your support people and they directed me back here.

Since I couldn't find a proper discussion board, I figure this is as good as any.


I work for a cigar distributor and am integrating constant contact into the website that is the primary means of processing orders.


All nonsense aside, MY QUESTION is: "is there anyway, using PHP, to change a specific (aka unique) email subscriber's frequency of receiving the emails sent out en masse?"


If you should need clarification, just ask.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



Hello Matthew,


Our Customer Support staff that handle phone support are skilled for helping customers use our User Interface/website (the UI), but support of the Application Programming Interface (API) that applications use to access account functions is a far more technical topic, so your request has been moved to our Developer Support Forum.


Our API allows access to contact and list management functions, and campaign creation and scheduling (with permission) functions though HTTP Requests to our API servers, and these can be done through a PHP application.


The short answer to your question is "yes," but with the caveat that the programming to control frequency of emails, and any list/contact management actions requires to vary frequencies of individual or groups of contacts, from your Constant Contact musts all be accomplished through your app/integration's programming.


Links to a variety of code samples, including a PHP Wrapper Library, which handles the most difficult parts of programming HTTP requests to our API, making it easier for developers to integrate, can be found on, along with our API Documentation, which provides technical requirements for requests to our API.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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