Email HTML Code


Email HTML Code

Hi guys I'm new to working with HTML coding, but hoping I can find an answer here. I have used Constant Contacts email capture app on facebook, but now want to create my own landing page with my email capture within it. I'm curious how I go about getting the html code for constant contact to input into my iFrame Tabs application.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
Below are the directions for what I'm wanting to do. I'm just unsure of how to get the info for step 1
  1. Get your email form html code from your Email list provider (Aweber, iContent, Constant Contact, Infusion, etc)
  2. Past that code into the Static HTML: iFrame Tabs application
  3. Save & Publish
  4. Edit the code if you want to change the look & feel of the form



It sounds like your using some form of splash page but if you want to do this you would need to use something other than HTML to do your requests to our API.  If you are just supplying the HTML forms, you may be better served using our CCSFG which would require uploading the files and navigating to a URL which would spit out the HTML.  The only thing you may have to change is the form action to the absolute URI of the index.php that is referenced.


Please let me know if this helps.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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