Email address property in advanced editor?

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Email address property in advanced editor?

I need to add the email address of the recipient into the body of an email.  The email address is being added the query string of a URL in the email so that when the user clicks on the link my destination page can identify them.  Reading through the documentation for the advanced editor, I don't see the email address listed as an available account property.  In older support threads, I see it designated as:  $Subscriber.Email


I've tried using $Subscriber.Email, and when I click the "Preview & Test" button, the email address is correctly added to the link; however, when I send a test email, the URL of the link comes through with $Subscriber.Email in it instead of the email address.


How do I add the recipient's email address into the body of my email?



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I posted separately about how to add a recipient's email address into a URL in the body of an email to them, and since I'm not optimistic about the answer I'll get there, I want to post the question another way:  how do I customize a URL with a unique identifier for a recipient so that I can pull their information from CC from my destination page.  For example:      ?   How can this be accomplished?





Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Support Team.


It sounds like you are doing everything right, you're just missing one piece. In order to insert contact details into a link, the link cannot have Constant Contact's link tracking. To disable tracking for a link when using custom code, you simply surround the link in an empty anchor tag. See this example:

<a><a href="$Subscriber.Email">Click Here!</a></a>

Please try adding an empty anchor tag around your link and let me know if you're still seeing this issue.


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