Emails not sending

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Emails not sending

We are having issues with our emails not being sent. I schedule them to send 'now' and then about ten minutes later is reverts back to draft status. As our readers rely on our daily emails, this is a huge inconvenience. Please help.





Sorry to hear about the issue!  Are you using the API to schedule the email, or scheduling the email by logging into the account?   It would be best if we took a look--could you email your Constant Contact to  Be sure to include whether you're scheduling via the API or by logging in.




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Shannon W.

API Support Specialist


We are also having issues with scheduling an email to send and it reverting back to draft.  I have tried even sending immediately and it does not send.  I am logging on to our account to send it so I don't know what the problem is as other emails in the past week have been sent.  This email needs to go out today as it is time sensitive.  Please advise.




I am having the same problem. I receive an error message and the E-mail will not send.  Please help ASAP.


I had the same problem yesterday for one of my mailouts but not the other. Came into work this morning to a bunch of emails asking why they had ot recived their weekly email. Very annoying.

I wanted to update this thread.  Emails being scheduled and reset to draft usually is a content issue with the Email Campaign itself.  There can be many reasons, both valid or bugs, that this could happen.  None of these issues are a result of the API calls failing. 


I would highly recommend calling our standard support team (1-866-289-2101) and working with our support staff to understand why your campaigns were reset to draft.  Alternatively, you can email our support staff and they can look into it for you via email ( or  We would need to look at your exact email in question to get the answer for what the reason it was reset to draft was.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I am having the same issue I have tried sending emails 3 times now & it reverts to draft, this is really annoying. come on get this fixed I am paying for a service I am not getting!


After a bit of investigation although the contact list reports there are 34 contacts, clicking the contact list showed there were none, why?


I suspected there may be something wrong with my xls file & uploaded as a csv checking that there were actually 34 contacts. It went but took about half an hour reporting that status as running for only 34 contacts. It also reported 0 sent in the Email Stats box and 34 in the Email Run History further down the page for a while.


1. Why the different numbers in the contact count & why isn't a contact list of zero flagged-up as an error

2. Why the difference between the emails reported as sent in the Emails Stats & Email Run History ?


I really need to have confidence when I send emails they do actually get sent, right now I don't have that.




I am having the same problem, and of course, there is no one available at Constant Contact to help.  It seems to me that there should be some weekend help.

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