Embed Constant Contact survey within Wordpress website?


Embed Constant Contact survey within Wordpress website?



Wondering if this can be done – we'd like to embed a CC survey to our wordpress built website to let ppl login to take the survey. If can, how can we do that?


Say we only want certain ppl participate in the survey, if we can't do embedding, can we have a password pretection page before the survey to aviod it goes to public? 






Hi Yue,


For a true survey, with more than one question, you don't have an option to get the code and embed it into a website.  You could make people login to wordpress to GET the survey URL (as hosted by us), but of course they could technically hand that out, and we don't have a way to password protect surveys.  If you only send out your survey invitation, through Constant Contact to your contacts and don't allow anonymous responses, only invitations that were sent out may be answered, and each survey will be unique to its recipient.


DO NOT give out the survey url in this case.  If you do, responses will be anonymous.  If you get anonymous survey responses from the method above, it means some of your respondents viewed the webpage version of the email, which you can actually turn off if you want.


With the poll option, which only allows for one question, we do give you the code to embed the poll in your website.  You just have to have JavaScript enabled on the site, so you'd have to check with WordPress on that.  I hope that helps.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist



Occasional Participant

Why is Constant Contact so antiquated.


I'm trying to do the same thing, it's a questionaire. Every time I think Constant Contact is moving into the 21st century I run to this kind of ridiculous. 


Every other platform provides  easy to use iframe html code.


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