Error 400 - Using ASP/vbScript

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Error 400 - Using ASP/vbScript

I am using Classic ASP and vbScript to access the Constant Contact API.  I have used the samples in these forums to create a function to do the HTTP request.

It is working correctly for any of the GET functions (lists, members and member information)

However, when I try to do a post, it is not functioning correclty and I am getting error 400.

Here is the xml that I am sending to the HTTP request:

<entry xmlns=""> <title type="text"> </title> <updated>12/15/2010</updated> <author></author> <id>data:,none</id> <summary type="text">Contact</summary> <content type="application/vnd.ctct+xml"> <Contact xmlns=""> <EmailType>HTML</EmailType> <EmailAddress></EmailAddress> <FirstName>Jane</FirstName> <LastName>Doe</LastName> <OptInSource>ACTION_BY_CONTACT</OptInSource> <ContactLists> <ContactList id="" /> </ContactLists> </Contact> </content> </entry>

What could be wrong?


I have been able to successfully create a contact in my account using the REST Client with the XML that you posted. The only reason I could see this throwing back a 400 error would be if you did not have a list with the Id of "" in your account. Provided that list exists, the issue must be something related to the request itself.


Would you be able to post the code you are using to create a contact and I would be happy to take a closer look?

David J

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I just realized what the issue was....

In my function to make the call, I add "application/atom+xml" to the  header if the method is "POST"

However, I was passing in "Post" and it didn't had the appropriate header information.  Now that I make sure the method is in Upper case, the header is correct and I was able to add the user.

Thanks for your time and help.

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