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Error while sending the request


Error while sending the request

i am getting error when i am getting all the contacts from c# code the case is that i have two different environments local and production sites, so when i am testing my code it works subscribing the users into constant contact but when i move it on production server it not works and use the same code and the same API key and accesstoken and on production server i just receipt the next error:

System.Exception: An error occurred while sending the request


Support told me that will be the API Key redirect URI by logging in to your Mashery account but i have another client account with the same configuration in the URI field it have "http://localhost" and works on my local and production environments.

Someone have some solution or idea?






Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.


If there is an issue with your redirect URI for authorization, you should see that returned as the error response. This error message is not one that would be returned by our API. I would recommend you send an email to webservices(at)constantcontact.com with your API Key, as well as any details you have about the error you are seeing (e.g. what call you are making, an example of the information you are sending with the call, what part of the process the error occurs).


David B.
Tier II API Support Engineer

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