Event Body details and contact person details


Event Body details and contact person details

We are developing an application for one of our clients who is using constant contact for events. We would like to know how can we get the event details in our app using APIs. We are able to get most of the details using APIs but not able to get the description as on the URL http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e7bakrn15be5895f&llr=uiw9kijab We would like to extract the information available on the right hand panel of the above URL. And also would like to know how could we get the registration done on our website without redirecting user to events registration page.


Also is their a way to get constant contact person details and event body text content uisng APIs. 




Right now our event functionality is limited to returnng a small amount of information about an event and current registrants, and limited changes around already-registered people.  We're hoping to expand our eventspot API functionality in the next few months so that you can register new people and get more information through the API.  Stay tuned for changes, and sorry for the current limitations.


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