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Event Spot Payment File

Does Constant Contact Event Spot create a payment file?


We'd like to use Constant Contact/Event Spot for our registration processing but we need it to interface with our registration/payment system for payment.  I understand this isn't possible (see below), so I was asked if we could retrieve the payment file each day to move payment information back & forth..



This was my previous post on this topic:


07-21-2013 09:17 AM



I work for a local college and our department wants to use EventSpot for workshop registrations. However, the college will not allow us to set up a separate merchant account for credit card processing.  It it possible to collect all the information in Event Spot except the credit card information and have a link to our system for the users to enter their credit card information?  We would just need the name and $ amount passed with the link.


Thanks for your help!



07-22-2013 10:46 AM

Hi Annmarie. We currenly only have the option of using PayPalProPay and Authorize.net as payment processors. Authorize.net would allow you to use your existing merchant account, and would only act as the payment gateway, so of these options it might work best for you. We don't have a way to push the registrants to to a different third party to make payment.



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The only options we have for payment outside of those three gateways are to use a "pay at the door" option, which wouldn't have any record of the credit card the user would want to pay.  We have no options that would allow us to collect payment information and export it out as we do not store any credit card information for purchases.

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Do you have a file with the transaction information?  We don't need the credit card info, just the rest of the transaction.


Hi Annemarie, 


My name is Jim Mariano, Im the Product Manager for the EventSpot product.  I just read through your situation and wanted to offer some advice.  You have a few options.  We offer offline payment options that are "pay at the door" and "pay by check."  You could choose either of these and them add some text to your registration form explaining to registrants that they can pay in a different manner.  "Please choose the "Pay At Door" option, payment information will be sent out later,"  or something to that extent.  


Take a free trial and check it out, you'll work with one of our communication consultants who can show you exactly what you need to do.  Let me know if this info helped, attached is a sample screenshot too.  Thank you for considering us!



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