Events API - RegistrationURL node is empty?

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Events API - RegistrationURL node is empty?

I've got an account with several events.


One event is active - the Start and End date at way in the future (2012), and so is the "stop registrations by specific date".


But for some reason, the RegistrationURL node of the Atom feed response is always empty?


Is there any reason for this? Is it not supported yet or am I missing something?


        <atom:title>May 10, 2011 - Fantastic Business Event ASCW001</atom:title>
        <atom:link rel="edit" href="/ws/customers/epiphanysol/events/a07e3ujxr2tcad71e70" />
                <Name>May 10, 2011 - Fantastic Business Event ASCW001</Name>
                <Description>This is a short description.</Description>
                <Title>Fantastic Business Event ASCW001</Title>
                    <Location>Albion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire</Location>
                    <Address1>Address One</Address1>
                    <Address2>Address Two</Address2>
                    <Address3>Address Three</Address3>
                    <State />
                    <Country />
                    <PostalCode>LS1 4DT</PostalCode>
                <RegistrationURL />



* I am using a demo account, which only allows one active Event. But this is the only active and published event I have.


Unfortunately this is an issue we ran into a little while ago that we are looking to resolve, but I don't have an exact date of when that is going to be fixed. With that being said, if you obtain the details for this event by using the URI presented in the href value in the <link> node, ie:


<atom:link rel="edit" href="/ws/customers/epiphanysol/events/a07e3ujxr2tcad71e70" />


This will give you the appropriate event registration URL you are looking for. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding this. Thanks!



David J

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