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Events Ticket QR Code for Reports


Events Ticket QR Code for Reports


We are planning on using EventSpot for our event we have every year. We are expecting 2000+ people, based on attendance numbers from previous years.


We need the ticket QR code (the one associated with the QR code, FXE3D8MAA as an example) to show up in the Events reports. This is such an essential item to have in a report! We also need to know if there is a way for the ticket QR code to be extracted using an API to run customized reports.


Hi there, 


Thanks for the feedback!  My name is Jim Mariano, I manage the EventSpot product here at Constant Contact.  I tottaly understand your request and will talk it over with the development team!


As a warning, if you are trying to check in that many people, here are a few things to consider:

- you may not want to use our "guest" feature.  We built it years ago, before mobile apps/QR codes were on anyone's radar, so guests are tied to the person who registered them.  So, if Jim registers Kara and Phil, and Phil shows up with his ticket/QR code, we check in the ENTIRE GROUP.  Just a forewarning, we are working this out, but its a tricky one.


- you can have multiple people doing check ins.  as long as your staff has your CTCT username and PW to sign into the app, you can have many people scanning and doing check-ins at the same time.


Thank you for the feedback!  Anything else on your mind?


Jim Mariano

EventSpot Product Manager


Hi there,


I wanted to also provide a little more information regarding the API specific question.  You can obtain the ticket_id via our API endpoint: eventspot/events/[eventId]/registrants/[registrantId].  In the JSON, there will be a ticket_id key with the value you seek.


Hope this helps.




Andrew Weber
Associate Product Manager for EventSpot
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