Events are not showing in Plugin sidebar widget! Why?


Events are not showing in Plugin sidebar widget! Why?

The Constant Contact API plugin has stopped showing my events in the sidebar widget, even though I have  active events in my CC account.  Previously, the plugin was working fine.


When I go to the Events tab, I have an error:


"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/15/2713815/html/beta/wp-content/plugins/constant-contact-api/admin/events.php on line 523"


The code from that area of the event.php file:


$alt = 'alt';
Line 523... foreach($events as $id => $v) {
if($alt == 'alt') { $alt = '';} else { $alt = 'alt'; }



I have no idea what I need to fix it.

Any thoughts?


Hi James,


It sounds like you are using the Wordpress plugin found here? Unfortunately, we did not develop this plugin, so we probably won't be able to help much with debugging it. I would suggest visiting the Marketplace page for the developer's contact info.


A suggestion that we have made in the past for apps like this is ensuring that you're keeping your username and password up to date in the app. One password change can desync any app and cause issues.

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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