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Export Contact IDs

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Export Contact IDs


I have just recently created an integration to Constant Contact within one of our applications. We are on the edge of rolling it out to 100+ Companies. But I have run into an issue that I would like some clarification on:

The application keeps track of the ContactID for each Customer. The companies have an existing Customer base that we are manually (one-time) importing through the website. However, I cannot find a way to bulk export the inserted email addresses and their ContactIDs in order to update the Customer records.

It seems that the only available way to do this would be to loop through the Customers and query by email address, storing the returned ID. However, this is (I think) in violation of your TOS.

Guidance would be appreciated.


P.S. The API is implemented via WCF and Xml (De)serialization by declarative attributes and its awesome!


You are correct that there is not a way to bulk export all of the email addresses and ContactId's in the account.

The quickest way to obtain all of the email addresses and contact Id’s for your account would be to loop through the contacts collection and store the email address and id for each <entry>. Please note that this will only return the first 50 contacts in your account. If there are additional contacts you will need access the <link> element with the attribute rel=”next” for the URL that contains the next 50 contacts. Listing All Contacts will provide some more information on this.

Obtaining the contact ID would not be in violation of our ToS, and you can certainly do this.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post any questions. Thanks.

David J

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FYI that worked great. Thank you!

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