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Extension for Constant contact in Joomla

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Extension for Constant contact in Joomla



Is there any extension available for Joomla, in which we can list the campaigns,lists of contacts, Fetch the reports of campaigns, Add multiple contacts direct from the website.


And if I want to integrate it with my website. How we do that??

The issue we are facing is the Oauth verification. If there is alternate for it like basic authentication. please guide us how we can move forward to completion of work.




We at Constant Contact haven't developed any Joomla plugins, but I know outside developers have, and there are many plugins available, such as this or this page of search results.  However, most of those that I found only allow contacts to add themselves to your mailing list(s) through your website, not view campaign reports.


We don't support these directly--you would want to go to the developer who created the plugin for specifics of how to install them, but I hope that helps you get started.


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