Extracting data from an MySQL database.

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Extracting data from an MySQL database.

I have to admit I don't get much more complicated than an excel spreadsheet for my list sources.


I have a pretty BIG client that has their data stored in a database (MySQL database).  What's the best way to extract that data and have it imported into Constant Contact.  Being able to assign fields to different lists would be a HUGE plus.


Can someone give me some ideas on how to preceed including hiring the right company?


Tony Schaefer
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Mods ?  Admin ?   Nothing?  No leads ?


I'm waiting to get back to my client.

Sorry for no response.  We don't have any developers that we (Constant Contact) directly recommend to do custom development work.  Depending on the development firm and scope of the work, you could be talking $1,000s to $10,000 to complete and days to weeks to deliver the project.  Also, depending on the language, platform and needs, different developers are a better fit than others.  This is all assuming you want an automated solution that does that for you built custom for this customer.


Alternatively, you could use basic database admin tools provided by most hosting companies or SQL to pull the data out into a CSV or other file format and import it manually.  This could be done by anyone with admin access to the SQL database and an understanding of SQL itself.  Constant Contact does not support SQL database management and would not be able to assist with this. 


We do have, listed in our MarketPlace, solution providers like yourself who have skills in custom software development.  You can find them listed here with any ratings or reviews from our customers: http://marketplace.constantcontact.com/ServicesSearch?sort=partnerLevel&query=&need=Software+Develop...

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks David,


I wasn't expecting it to be a canned easy response.  But I needed an official response that its not a readily available solution.

Its for a major hotel in Las Vegas and money isn't as much of an issue as feasibility is.


I'm pretty sure we'll end up designing something custom on the front and back ends and not trying to use CC which isn't really a good fit here.

The customer mentioned CC and I had to ask.


Thanks for getting back to me.



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