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Force Email Registration on Portion of Website


Force Email Registration on Portion of Website


I have a real estate website for a master planned community and we obviously would like to capture email addresses as part of the lead generation process. I know just enough about CC to be dangerous, but I do have a email address field on the home page for folks to sign up for our newsletter etc.

What I would really like to do is restrict access to a couple areas of the wesite, which right now can be accessed by clicking the "Site Map" button on our home page, and every other page actually. When I say site map, I mean property map of our gated community..not site map in the website map sense.


If a customer were to click our "Site Map" button, which is the map of our entire property, is it possible to have a screen or pop up appear that acts as a gatekeeper for this area in which a customer would have to enter their email address and register before being allowed to continue on to this area?

Ideally we would leave our general areas non restricted, but ask for email addresses on a couple of key pages that I think customers would potentially give up their email addresses in order to view.

Any thoughts?




Hi Steve,

You could add a popup that would act as a gatekeeper to certain areas of your site, but a large part of this process would happen outside of Constant Contact. It sounds like you would want a hyperlink to open up a popup dialog box containing a form asking for their email address. Once the email address is entered you would want to Search for a Contact by Email Address to see if an entry for this address exists in your account. If the customer does, you could then forward that person into the 'gated' area. If the customer does not have an email address in your account, you could either add them to your list or redirect them to a more detailed form to collect all the information you are looking for and then add them as a contact.

Please be aware that you would always want to let a user know that they are signing up for a mailing list.

David J

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