Form Error broken link


Form Error broken link


My sign up form works everywhere else but the home page. Its the form on the top left. What is wierd is that it works on the template section of the page and on all other pages. If someone could please help that woudl be amazing! I've pasted the link below
I'm going crazy. 


The problem with that form is definitely in the form variables.  Their names have all been modified from their default values (p, ea, llr, etc) to have the number 2 after them (p2, ea2, llr2, etc).  This invalid naming is what is causing the form to not work on your home page.  You would need to remove the value 2 from all of the form fields to get it to work again.


My guess, since it's unlikely you added the 2s to your form yourself, is that the CMS you're using (such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) found a duplicate form on the same page, modified the values on that page so that they were unique and made these changes for you. 

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