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Form Generator Problems with Credentials


Form Generator Problems with Credentials

I have loaded form generator set folders to 755 and files to 644 , I'm not having a permissions issues, however I cannot login with my access credentials.


We could not authenticate those credentials! Please try again. (?)

everytime, I even tried getting my own API key and inserting it into the config.php file..

Still no luck,

I've checked my server logs and nothing is there related to PHP, I'm running 5.29 with curl enabled so I don't know what is going on? I did check the code and its returning an $err_msg  case default, so its not 401'ing or 500'ing erroring out..

I'd like to get this working so I don't have that much time to work with the API right now.


Any help much appreciated



??? Error authenticating credentials using service description for {ourusernamehere}.


The CCSFG should not be returning that error unless it is having trouble authenticating those credentials. You also should not have to edit config.php at all, as the API key will work for multiple usernames. Do your login credentials work for you at www.constantcontact.com? 

Assuming your credentials do work on our website, if you send me your config.php as well as your ccsfg.log to the webservices support team, I would be happy to take a closer look and see if I can provide some more helpful feedback. Thanks.

David J

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