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Form Generator

 I have downloaded the CCSFG: Constant Contact Signup Form Generator and up loaded it to our server. When I tried to access via URL I get the following message: Cannot open ../ccsfg.log

Can anyone help me with this.

Thank you






This error can usually be caused if you do not have appropriate permissions on the Signup Form Generator directory (CCSFG_0.0.3/). You would want to insure that you have read, write, and execute privledges in that folder in order for it to allow you to create the ccsfg.log file.

Once you have the correct permissions set, this error should go away.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
Regular Participant

Thak you Ben. I'll check on the permissions.





Regular Participant

Ben S,

Please explain in detail where and how to set those permissions. The version I downloaded is CCSFG_0.0.4

Thank you for your help





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