Forwarding email to another SMTP server


Forwarding email to another SMTP server

Due to industry regulations I have to forward a copy of all email sent from a particular email address to another SMTP server for review and storage. When setting up on an exchange server it is under the "Forward all email through this connector to the following smart hosts". I need a solution to have this happen. I was told by ConstantContact support that they could not do this and there might be an outside alternative. Can anyone out there please help!!

I want to get a little clarification on what you're actual goal here is before I give you any advice. Are you looking to have the email reviewed at this SMTP server and then forwarded to other email addresses or are you looking to have it reviewed and stored at this SMTP for archiving purposes, whatever they may be? Depending on your answer will depend on what we can and can't do for you here.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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