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GET and PUT a contact should the identity (REST convention)


GET and PUT a contact should the identity (REST convention)



I would like to report a problem that I met today:

I wanted to add a contact to a list using the php sdk. I do a GET, update my object and then a PUT, but data given by the GET makes an error in my request.


  $contact = $ctct->getContact(TOKEN, $contact_id);

  $contact->addList($list_id); // Here the value is 1112858140

  $contact = $ctct->updateContact(TOKEN, $contact);


I have this error:




      error_message"The contact list 1811380440 does not exist."




So I event tried:


  $contact = $ctct->getContact(TOKEN, $contact_id);

  $contact = $ctct->updateContact(TOKEN, $contact);


and I have the same error.


What should I do ? Can you hot fix the API so that the GET & PUT identity works ? (REST convention)


Thank you very, I am available for more details.








It looks like you may potentially have an issue where your contact is assigned to a list that may no longer exist. In a situation where things are working normally, the GET & PUT identity does work with our API and that is something that should always work within our contacts API.


I will be taking some time to research this issue in the next few days and I should have some additional information for you soon.


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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