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General Constant Contact Bugs and Issues

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General Constant Contact Bugs and Issues

1. First (Issue) = The ability to delete folders in the document section, also the font size/styles look different than that of the Image Folders.

2. Second (Issue) = Log in, Click Contacts, Than Click on "Grow My Contact List". Now click "Customize Welcome Email". Click on the Coupon button, it will open up the coupon form to the right, now save it. Now go back to the left side, click on the coupon, on my side, since I already had one there, it listed it as "Coupon 2". So far so Good. Now click on the Coupon link on the left side. I see no delete button, so the developer in me says "remove all content in the text areas and try to save". I try that. Now I hit save, Nothing happens. It does save the textboxes and textareas as empty but the item is still there on the left side listed as Coupon 2.

3. Third (Feature) = Would be great if we could have additional Custom Fields. 

4. Fourth (Confusion) = How do I verify that the "Self Authenticating" feature is working correctly?

5. Fifth (Idea) = Template Market place would be nice where designers could create and sell templates. The curretnlt template library is not bad, but imagine having the power of the design community where your customers can purchase becautiful designs while constant contact and the designers share a profit on the designs.

6. Audio and Video Emails with the new HTML 5 :)

7. Love the Text Feature in the "Grow My Contact List" section, would be nice and cool if you had a QR code generator. Customers can print these out, add them to business cards, large boards in their store and so forth, even add them to their websites.

8. When Scheduling an email, it sends via the end users time zone and not the senders, this would be great when targetting international customers :)

I have a lot more more ideas, I have a development and marketing background so I guess this is what makes it easier for me to see certain things :)




Thanks for the feedback.  Going to try to answer on every point and bring feedback to the appropriate people for you:


1. This is a section of our product we are doing a lot of internal work on.  We hope to really improve this for our customer going forward.  To early to give details but definitely look at it from top to bottom.  Will pass this feedback on.


2. We're aware of this issue and at the moment are not planning on fixing this.  We are actually in the process of updating our entire welcome email editing experience.  By blanking out the content sections, they will simply be ignored.  While it is still a little confusing seeing the sections there when they have no content, there is no content added to your email.


3. We've gotten this feedback from customers before and definitely looking at it.  Will make sure to tell the team we have another request for this.


4. Easiest way is to send an email to some test accounts.  Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail will all show the from address as "xxx@yyy.ccsend.com on behalf of aaa@bbb.com".  If you see that, you're working perfectly.  If you see something such as "this is a potential phishing email" or "the sender appears to not have access to send on behalf of this email address", there's a problem in the configuration and you should call our support line to speak with our technical support team.  It's really more complicated to get this set up under the hood but it's really that simple to check to make sure it's working.


5. Great idea.  Currently we don't have the ability for people to design their own templates, only customize existing ones for their own use.  We'll update you if anything changes on this going forward.


6. HTML 5 audio and video is still not supported in any email client (and unlikely to in the near future for a variety of security and performance reasons).  Currently the best practices and standard way is to still provide a clickable image link to a web page that shows these features.  To give you some idea of how far email client HTML is behind web page HTML, it's still considered the best way to create your custom emails by using table designs with inlined CSS 1.0 (CSS 2.1 is also an option but you risk compatability issues).  Until there is any support for this option, we are not likely to look to add it as it will only be setting our customers up to have issues once the emails are delivered.


7. Definitely another great idea.  We've had a lot of developers do things with QR codes and we're looking at them.  I'll pass the feedback on.


8. I assume you mean "Schedule to deliver at 7AM" and we use that as 7AM local time (7AM EST for EST recipients, 7AM PST for PST recipients)?  Will pass this on as well but correct me if I'm understanding incorrectly.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Here is my reply to the below aswers:


1. Sounds Good on folders and delete / renaming / styling them. The problem was we had a mis-spelling in a folder name and we could not rename or delete it :(


2. I understand the coupon issue. Just a bit confusing and the usability makes it a bit off.


3. Custom Fields, Custom Fields, Custom Fields :)


4. I am working on verifying the "Self Authenticating" stuff tomorrow.


5. Great on the Custom Templates. this would be really cool!


6. I agree with the HTML 5 audio and video, a picture with a type of play button in the image which once clicked will bring the user to a page with a video is ideal.


7. QR codes is more of a FUN and COOL thing. not really an important feature.


8. I know mailchimp has an option where you can schedule emails to go out according to the end users local time. so say we have someone in europe, one in canada, one in china. If I say to schedule the email on Tuesday at 10:00am, it will send each person their email at 10:00 their local time.



Thanks for the clarification. 


6. We do provide that exact "watermark" type functionality in our WYSIWYG editor for videos.  We integrate with Youtube, Flickr and a couple of other products to automatically pull the stills from the hosted video, let you pick which one you want for the thumbnail and then watermark on top of the image the editor for the hosting company including the play option.  This isn't something we offer through our API since it's more of a wizard flow than an option that would make much sense as part of our API currently.  Will make sure this is on the board when we start working on exposing features like that through our API in the future.


8.  Thanks for the clarification. That's actually the feature I assumed you were talking about (and the competitor).  Definitely something we have in our engineering backlog and something we'll look at in the future to add. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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