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Get Contacts returns empty custom fields


Get Contacts returns empty custom fields



I am testing out the REST API of Get Contacts From the Contact Methods. 
URL: https://constantcontact.mashery.com/io-docs


For Testing this API, I had entered a few custom parameters of a contact as per our business requirements. After the contacts custom parameters were added, I tested the API, but the custom fields returned an empty set. 

"home_phone": "",
"work_phone": "",
"cell_phone": "",
"custom_fields": [],


Is there a solution to this?






When using our API the custom field names need to be "custom field 1" through "custom field 15". If you used another name for your custom field it would not have been successful in saving the data for that field.


Check out this document (http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/contacts-api/contacts-resource.html?method=PUT) and scroll down to the custom field section. You can expand it to see the format that must be followed.


If you did follow this format and are still getting these results then please provide a snippet of the code you are using in your PUT command. If you need privacy for any of the data you are welcome to email us at webservices@constantcontact.com.

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