Get current Constant Contact Campaign HTML


Get current Constant Contact Campaign HTML

I have a customer that wants to display her current constant contact email on her website. I guess it would be a weekly special, in which the contents of the email would be that weeks special. Website users would be able to click on let's say current specials, and see the email.

I've never used constant contact before, so I am new to this.

Is there a place on constant contact were I can access the current email, and scrape the HTML markup off the screen, and redisplay the results on a web form?

Writing the code in framework 2 is no problem, I just need something to scrape.

Also, is there a sandbox or something that developers can test with, without wrecking our customers setup?

Any suggestions are welcomed.

We offer an Archiving feature which will take any sent email and create a webpage version of that webpage. This is not API related and is one of our additional pay services. This will give them a URL they can use anywhere they are inserting a link.

As for the HTML code itself, that is copyrighted as intellectual property of Constant Contact and can not be reproduced or reused without expresses written permission from Constant Contact. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on this and for contact information if you have any further questions on our policies.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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