Get list of unsubscribed users per list from API

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Get list of unsubscribed users per list from API

How do we get a list of contact/emails that have unsubscribed from a specific list since a specific "modified date"?


We are finding CC is a bit harder to integrate than some other email services as far as syncing with a CMS.


A lot of other services use web hooks to "notify" our software of subscriptions/unsubscriptions.


Correction on my last post:


Unfortunately, it looks like there is no way to obtain the unsubscribes through the API at this time.  What you could do is use the endpoint to get a list of users, store that in a database on your end, and then when checking for changes grab the contact list collection again using the modified_since paramter.  This would allow you to loop through and see who was on the list previously that is not any longer, as well as who has been added to the list in during that timeframe.

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