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Getting URL to go to management page of an event

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Getting URL to go to management page of an event

Hey guys,

I am creating a small plugin that functions as a light dashboard for our events through ConstantContact EventSpot.


I would like to put a link for each event returned from the /events that takes the user to the normal contant contact management dashboard for that event.  All the API surfaces is the id in UID format, but the main website seems to use a numeric ID for its urls.  Any ideas how i can format the URL to go to the specific event?



Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.

Unfortunately the convention we use for our URLs on our website UI is not available through the API. So there isn't a way to link directly to an event's dashboard within Constant Contact's website based on information pulled directly from the API. This is partly to avoid any security concerns that could arise from using direct links to our internal UI from outside of our site.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

David B.
API Support Specialist

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