Getting blank state name when country name is USA


Getting blank state name when country name is USA

I downloaded contact list from constant contact and saw blank state name although we are sending state name to constant contact. Is it because i'm sending country name as USA instead of United States? Does it matter if i send USA as country name instead of United States? And also can i send two character state for state name?




Constant Contact provides two methods for setting the state associated with an address on a contact. You can either use a state code, which must be a valid 2-character US state code, or you can use the generic state field which can have any name, include the names of international regions.


Regarding the data not appearing the same as when you input it, it would be very important to see the details on how you are importing the data, as the issue with missing state names is likely related to the input method. You could either provide an anonymized sample here, or you could email us a detailed sample at


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