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Getting username parameter when authenticating via oauth 2.0?

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Getting username parameter when authenticating via oauth 2.0?

I'm migrating an app from oauth 1.0 to 2.0. With 1.0 authentication, the customer's username is returned when authentication is complete. However, I don't see the username being returned in the oauth 2.0 process.


The username is required when performing API requests. I've tried accessing my events list without the username and just the accessToken, but that obviously doesn't work. =)


I don't see anything in the new 2.0 documentation indicating when/if the "username" parameter is being returned during this oauth 2.0 process.


Where/how can I get the username that the user authenticated with?


Thanks for reporting this, there is a bug where the username is not being returned with the OAuth 2.0 authorization JSON.  Our dev team is looking into this now and we'll update this thread once we have a fix out for developers.

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