Greeting name/string empty in Welcome Email

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Greeting name/string empty in Welcome Email

I have a Welcome Email triggered from an API call to add a contact with the optinSource set to ACTION_BY_CONTACT. I am not passing any name along, just an email address. When the Welcome Email is triggered the greeting is simply "Dear ,". I would assume that it would fall back to the Greeting String I set to be "Client". Greeting Name Format is set to "FirstName". Is there something I am missing here?








Based on what you've described, you may need to check your welcome email settings to make sure that it's properly set up with an alternate phrase for when the first name is not available. Another tip would be to make sure that if you do not even send the first/last name on the API when you do not have a name when you're creating the contact. As a general rule if the welcome email is set up to use alternate text, then it should be automatically switching when a name isn't present.


If you'd like us to look a bit deeper into your specific case, it would help if you could email us at with some details such as the contact email and account username.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything doesn't line up with what I've described!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

The alternate phrase is setup to be 'Dear Client'. It is not being used I can assure you on that. I will send you screenshots of the email (without greeting) and XML that we are passing to the API, as well as the username and email to the email address you provided.

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