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Would anyone be able to provide me with the proper html coding to get my newsletter form running? http://www.giosdatingadvice.com/

I want it to be able to run just the way it is with no extra design changes. Plus, I want to be able to retrieve all names and emails that are generated through the site.

I also want a pop up box to go up thanking the user for subscribing. Thanks a lot in advance. HELP????



I can definitely help you get the sign up box working on your site. However, in order to utilize our API's, you would need to use a scripting language as well as HTML. If you need to be able to get a signup box on your site with just HTML, the best method to do this would be to use our Join My Mailing List sign up form that you can get through the contacts tab in your account.

However, if you would like to use your own form, there are a few things that you can do that would take advantage of our API's. We have the Constant Contact Signup form generator, that will create the sign up form HTML for you. This method uses PHP to create the back end scripting of the form, but it does it automatically for you. The only thing you need to have to do is make sure PHP is installed on your web server.

If you or someone you know has knowledge of a scripting language, you could create a custom sign up form using our API's. I would also suggest checking out the Constant Contact marketplace, which has a listing of third party developers who have expressed interest in developing for people who want to integrate with our site.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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