HTML code for a simple subscription form

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HTML code for a simple subscription form

I am getting soooooooo frustrated, I am hoping someone can help before I pull my last remaining hairs out.


I have been using the CCSFG (Constant Contact Form Generator) version 0.4 for the last few months and it was worked "ok".  Very clumsy and inconvenient, but it worked.


I am moving our site to a new host (forced move) and the CCSFG no longer works.  I tried updating it to 0.6, confirmed that PHP cURL is enabled, confirmed everything is set up correctly, outgoing connections on port 443 are enabled, but I can only get an authentication error.  Somehow the CCSFG software isn't able to authenticate with the CC server.    The new host uses suPHP (not sure if that has an impact on CCSFG or not?).


This is the nice, simple HTML form I was using with CCSFG:


<form id="ccsfg" name="ccsfg" method="post" action="/ccgen/signup/index.php">
<label for="FirstName"><b>First Name:</b></label><br>
<input type="text" id="FirstName" name="FirstName" style="background-color: #E89740; width: 150px;" /><br>
<label for="EmailAddress"><b>Email Address:</b></label><br>
<input class="orangeoptin" type="text" id="EmailAddress" name="EmailAddress" style="background-color: #E89740; width: 150px;" /><br>
<input type="hidden"  checked="checked"  value="My List Name" name="Lists[]" id="My List ID" />
<input type="hidden" name="SuccessURL" value="" />
<input type="hidden" name="FailureURL" value="" />
<input type="submit" name="signup" id="signup" value="Submit" />


I need to know if is there any way I can use a similarly simple HTML form without the CCSFG software?  All I want is a simple optin box on our site!



"Join My List" box:  no, butt ugly, requires multiple steps for a visitor to sign up for a newsletter.


"Formstack" box:  no,  they are limited to 50 signups per month and offer no control over the design of the optin box.


"Custom API" box:  way too complicated and overkill for a simple signup form.  It would take me days to figure it out.



Can't we use a normal HTML form to add contacts like every other mailing list service?







Thank you for the feedback. You've certainly done your homework as far as what we offer for signup forms, so I'm afraid i don't have any signup form options that you didn't list above.  To address the CCSFG issue, I would suggest making sure your new environment is running PHP 5 or higher and doesn't have any known issues making outside requests.


Given that the two other non-code options aren't acceptable to you, I would like to at least put in a small word for custom API code.  We have a PHP sdk with a signup form example built into it, so it would only require minimal modification to work, and you could change the visuals to your heart's content.  The PHP sdk is located here, and the example I'm referencing is addOrUpdateContact.php in the examples folder.  To get it working, you'd have to install the source code on your server (the entire php sdk source folder), obtain your API Key and access token by following the 3 steps on this page, and then plug those values into the code.  


I will pass on your feedback for a more customizable, out of the box solution for our users.  I know it would be put to good use.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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Hi Shannon_W, thanks for the response.  I will take another look at the API and see if I can figure it out.  I'm hoping the documentation just made it sound more complicated than it really is.  :)


The new server definitely has PHP 5 - it's a brand new setup with WHM/cPanel and the latest versions of all the software.  If I can't figure out the API I will try to continue troubleshooting the CCSFG software.


Whatever ends up being the solution, I'll update this thread next week with the result. 





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OK, here’s what I did:


-          Registered at mashery and obtained my API KEY, Secret, and Access Token

-          Uploaded the entire PHP-SDK ‘src’ folder to our site

-          Edited addOrUpdateContact.php to insert our API Key and Access Token on the 2 appropriate lines

-          Uploaded addOrUpdateContact.php sample to our site


Upon visiting the page I get the error “Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dedifin/public_html/src/Ctct/Services/ListService.php on line 31”  


Server software:

    Apache v 2.2.25 (current)

    PHP 5.4.17 (current)

    cURL is enabled



I sent an email to webservices@ with this info too but I wanted to update this thread to track the progress as well.





Hi Scott,


Thanks for your patience.  We are investigating the issue and will get back to you when we know more about why the warning is occurring.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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I just wanted to update this thread since we found a solution that is working great.


First: it was discovered that the current API (as of August 1st, 2013) does not work on the current version of cURL in PHP (5.4.17) when using the 64-bit version.    Tech support was able to verify PHP 5.4.12 running as 32-bit worked OK and it was unclear whether the latest update of PHP contained a glitch or if something was legitimately modified that now requires an update to the API.   Tech support is working on it.


But here's our solution: we discovered and it worked great.  It costs an extra $5 per month but we were able to obtain simple HTML forms that I could customize for our website.   I have no idea how a third-party service like can provide simple opt-in forms while ConstantContact can't, but they saved us the hassle of switching to another email newsletter service.   Whew!   No more API and no more CCSFG software.  :)


-Scott (the webmaster)

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I agree.  This is a major flaw with constant contact.  I have clients who would like to use Constant Contact but won't simply because it's so difficult to integrate on a website.  The current system is very inflexible.  Requiring a customer to pay a developer to create an API is frustrating.  I've had two clients who have gone to Aweber because of this issue.  Please put this on the list to fix!

Thanks for the feedback.  Certainly understand the frustrations on the options we have.  I've forwarded your feedback on to our product team that developers our signup form tools and contact management tools.  If any update are made, we will certainly share them via our product release communications.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I agree that not providing code for a Simple HTML form with Name and Email is really hurting Constant Contact. I've recently become a Solution Provider for CC. But now I have to tell my customers I don't have a "Solution" for getting the Pop-up optin like aweber. I can only give them work-arounds that costs them extra money every month. 


I hope Constant Contact can realize that if they can provide simple HTML form code it's a Win-Win for everyone. We as Solution Providers can use some of the amazing pop-up email capture forms out there, my customers get more emails, and Constant Contact gains as well with clients getting bumped up in plan levels.


With the claims of the pop-up email capture form vendors of over 200-400% increased signups, this is great for my clients and great for Constant Contact. More email sign-ups means more $$ for Constant Contact. 


Let's get together, throw away the Red Tape, and get your customers, clients, and Solution Providers the tools that will bring happiness and harmony instead of frustraion, and to allow everyones business to grow.

Thanks for the feedback.  I've passed this in to our Product Management team that does all of our Contact Management products.  Definitely understand the feedback and, as you can see from the thread here, is something that we periodically hear about.  The team will continue to monitor this feature and requests for it and prioritize accordingly. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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I am completely shocked that Constant Contact has done nothing about this issue. It is something that everyone else has figured out. What more could be said for a simple HTML code to be implemented by CC?

I certainly understand your frustration and have passed this feedback on to the correct Product Management team here.  As we always do, we will continue to monitor feedback in this area and prioritize based on both customer demand and other priorities.  Again, I apologize that this creates a problem for you but unfortunately at this time the only workaround is to build your own server side form submission script using our API as a workaround. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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I think I've hit the same issue as these people. Trying to integrate HTML form code into the OptimizePress wordpress theme. Without an adequate solution, I will have to swap to Aweber.




Thanks Andy, passed your feedback on to the appropriate product management team here.  Sorry to hear you're looking to leave but certainly understand the reason. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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I just signed up for 6 months prepaid of ConstantContact (inherited this account, just started using it a couple of days ago) and have been tearing my hair out trying to get the raw html for a form in order to add a lightbox to my site, thinking, foolishly, that one of the "leading providers" of newsletter services could produce something as viciously simple as form HTML.  How does CC not consider it an embarassment that this simplistic (and vital) feature is not available?  Does the "improved contacts" experience (which, you guessed it, I haven't yet been graced with) rectify this flagrant omission?  How long until someone actually improves my contacts experience (which has thus far reeked of awful)?


You seriously need to get this fixed.  I can't fathom what bureaucratic albatross must be hanging around your necks to not have had someone sit down and knock out what ought to be a very simple and much needed solution to a glaring issue.  If this service isn't going to have a fix for this in, literally, the next handful of days, I'm getting my money back and taking my business somewhere where service providers actually care about offering consumers features.  I need a lightbox, which requires raw form HTML, and I'm not going to waste hours figuring out how to code the solution myself because of inadequacies in the services I'm paying for.

Thanks for the feedback, passing it along to our Contact Management team.  I understand your frustrations, will continue to advocate for this feature on our side.  We unfortunately do not offer this feature in our new CRM platform either.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I just installed a free plugin called Sumo Me that runs through the CC API. Make some nice lightboxes and pop ups. Basic version is free.

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Really... REALLY?! How long has this thread been going on, with the number of complaints and solutions providers walking away because of the lack of solutions to provide... and you STILL have no basic HTML code?


What is wrong with you? That is my only question.


Stop making excuses and fix the problem.



I can definitely understand your frustration with this limitation. Our Contacts platform team has taken a great deal of the feedback that we have received and begun planning for how we can implement this in the near future. While we do not expect this to be available in 2014, we do hope to have this feature for our users in the near future.



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Unbelievable inefficiency. You guys need to make a video asap and explain how in the world after more than a year you haven't been able to resolve this issue and "won't in 2014"...!!! Wow. Just Wow!!

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You do realize you are driving away your potential & existing partners, right?


Re-allocate some of the advertising budget towards making a more functional product. Your affiliates would appreciate it.


Luckily I found a workaround using 2 different wordpress plugins ... Not everyone is as fortunate.



For a company with as much market share & publicity as CC, this is emberassing. Feel it.

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