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HTML code for a simple subscription form

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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

You do realize you are driving away your potential & existing partners, right?


Re-allocate some of the advertising budget towards making a more functional product. Your affiliates would appreciate it.


Luckily I found a workaround using 2 different wordpress plugins ... Not everyone is as fortunate.



For a company with as much market share & publicity as CC, this is emberassing. Feel it.


Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

WOW - I am sooooo disappointed to find this basic functionality is not avaialble. I'm doing work for a client and will recommend we move his accounts to MailChimp or ANYWHERE else that offers this most fundamental access.   Geeez guys.



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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus here. The lack of flexibility on the sign up form is shocking and we are in the process of looking for another provider to replace Constant Contact. What we're talking about here is the most basic of functionalities, something that I know VerticalResponse (for example) has had available for at least the last 4 years.


There is no excuse for not fixing this unless your goal is to drive away every customer.


Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

Thanks for the very candid feedback.  Our Contact Management product team is aware of the limitations of our signup forms and is researching improvements to this form.  Not able to provide any additional information at this point regarding timing or feature lists. 


We certainly understand the frustrations around lack of customization.  We are definitely looking to improve our feature set around signup forms in a variety of dimensions.  If there are specific features you believe are missing, feel free to post again with what those are so I can pass them on to that team.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form



I have pasted your HTML code on my WP website aticles for years with no problem. About three months ago, instead of showing the button, WP simply now copies the HTML code onto the article. I'm probing WR for hoelp[, wondered if you might have any insight?

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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form



This is likely the result of an update to the content editor for your wordpress site. I would suggest looking for an option to to "Edit HTML" or an "HTML View" for your posts. If you can find something along these lines, that would allow you to paste in the HTML code and have it displayed as a proper form.


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form



Could you post a link to the page with the broken button?

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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

My fellow frustrated people, I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION!!!


It's stupid really, as many have said already, how elementary it is that CC cannot provide this service directly. But at least, I did find a workaround, albeit one that requires a few extra steps.


I've been using the Hybrid Connect plugin for WordPress to build forms for my client, and found the solution on the Hybrid Connect help center:


It involves uploading some files to your web server, in effect putting your very own personal form building application on your server, which walks you through the options and spits out the HTML code for the form.



  • For whatever reason, the application didn't work for me at all when I uploaded the files via FTP. It only worked properly when I uploaded the folders and files one-by-one via the file manager in (Bluehost's) control panel. (Go figure. I thought it would be the other way around, but anyway... just in case you try FTP and it doesn't know what to do.)
  • After many failed attempts, I finally discovered the last piece to the puzzle (at least in my situation). The way the CC form code was created, it had the e-mail field first and then the name field. But my HC plugin places the name first, and email second, so the form wasn't working...until I tweaked the CC code to place the name first and email second. So if you have trouble getting the code to work for you, it might just be the order needs to be changed.

Here's that link again:


Time to go thumb your nose at the moderaters and CC in general, get your form code like you need it, and say "C'mon CC, would it really be so hard for you to put this ding-dang form builder on your own site so we can easily use it without all this hassle?" (My guess is they've got some monetary incentives to pass along business to Formstack, which explains the reluctance).


~Barbara --

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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

Thank you! Absolutely ridiculous that CC doesn't offer this feature a year later after so many others have pointed out how simple this is. There is more to this story, I can't believe they wouldn't implement something so simple that everyone else offers- it just doesn't add up. They have you to thank for me continuing to use their service though, because I was in the process of switching to get response because of this. 

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Re: HTML code for a simple subscription form

One thing to note, I think this is the old CCSFG which runs using the old API. Not sure if it's playing entirely nice with the new system right now. And, as far as I know, it could stop working in the future. Why there's not a new iteration of this I have NO idea.