HTML strips out on a custom campaign created via API


HTML strips out on a custom campaign created via API


We're having problem with custom email creation using API. When we create a new custom email with our own code, our HTML strips out.

We're using Constant Contact module for Drupal which implements Constant Contact REST API and our own custom module that uses it's object. 

Below is a step by step breakdown of what we're doing and what the problem is.

1. We create our custom HTML (you can see HTML version from attached file generated_html.html); 

2. Using Constant Contact Drupal's module we create a campaign (see http_post_body.xml that was generated by the module that has been send to Constant contact. note that HTML is a plain text in XML); 

3. We get a successful response from Constant Contact (see object-response.gif and http_response_body.xml. note that HTML is a plain text but a little bit transformed on your side which is fine); 

4. We login to our account and see the newly created email in the list (see emails-list.jpg); 

5. We edit that new email and then we click "Advanced Editor" (see "Advanced Editor" link in advanced-editor.jpg at the bottom left); 

6. We inspect our HTML and when we scroll to the end we can see that it suddenly breaks (see html-stripped-out.jpg). 

We can copy and replace our HTML from the generated html file, but we don't want to do this all the time. This is not how it supposed to work. 

Please can you help us with this! 

Can you send both the original html and then the revised, stripped html to me as attachments via email mstowe [at] so I can see exactly what is getting stripped out where and see if we can't find a solution for this!


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Hello Mike!


Thanks for your responce!

I've sent you an email 5 days ago and I'm not sure if you get it since I don't have any responce.

Can you please confirm that you get my email?!



Please accept my apologies, somehow I missed the email.  Will get back to you ASAP.



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