Help! Constant Contact Discount plug in, API trouble no solutions anywhere


Help! Constant Contact Discount plug in, API trouble no solutions anywhere

This should be  a simple solution. I have a woocommerce plug in that creates a pop-up when you visit the site that offers you 10% off you sign up for news letter. It then sends that info to a list in Constant Contact.  It requires an API and key from CC.  Firstly, when I first go an api I get this message when I test it. "the client identified by :xxxxxxx  does not have pre-registered redirect uri"


what does this mean?  

How do I solve this?  It seems odd that when I set up the API it nevers asks me to somehow link it to my Constant Contact account.   

I'm not trying to develop an app, I'm simply trying to connect a plug in to Constant Contact.  






Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact. I believe that I have already emailed someone about your issue. 


An API Key identifies the application, and an Access Token is what gives permission to the app for your Constant Contact account. In order to get your Access Token you would need to log in to your Constant Contact account and click an "Allow" button. If you are generating this yourself and providing it to the plugin then this is how you are linking your Constant Contact account.


Because this is a 3rd party plugin which is not built or supported by Constant Contact, I'm limited in the scope in which I can help with any problems with it. This error does not sound like one given directly by Constant Contact. Have you reached out to the plugin developer about this? If so, what was their response?


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API Support Engineer

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