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Help with PHP script using API to integrate with my website

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Help with PHP script using API to integrate with my website

I am having issues with a PHP script I wrote a few months back to connect to the API and add contacts to a particular list.  The script used to work correctly, but it seems like it is not working anymore.


The script collects an email address from a contact form submission, and then adds that contact to a specific list.  I will gladly post my code here if that is the best next step.  



Jayson Kostelyk

(Web developer on behalf of Melanie Petro)


Hey Jayson,


If you could please post your code so we can take a look at it. Also if you can give us any error codes that you have received and do not forget to remove your username and password.


Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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Hmm... yesterday I tested my forms a handful of times, with no luck.


Today, every single contact form is working (I tested them all again).  Go figure.


I'm good - I'll post again if I have any more issues.



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