Help with forms in .net

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Help with forms in .net



I seem to be missing something, after I install (per step 8 fo the instructions) the ASP Net Sample Application, step 9 has me modify the ConstantContact.cs file in the App_Code folder, in order to modigy the list selection.  The problem I have is that the install does not add the App_Code folder to the virtual directory UploadContactForm.  I still see it in the original ASP Upload Forms folder, however, it doesn't seem connected to the new virtual directory.  I've tried browsing the page from the ASP Upload Forms folder, to no avail, and I've tried importing the ConstantContact.cs file into the virtual directory, which doesn't work.  I'm at a loss here, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Actually, I just figured it out.  I moved the web folder from the ASP Upload Forms folder to the root, made it an app, edited the cs file and was able to browse the various pages.  Any comments and/or suggestions would still be appreciated.


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