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Highly customized, dynamic content per e-mail body?

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Highly customized, dynamic content per e-mail body?

I'm working on a project that has a specific e-mail marketing requirement and I'm hoping someone can confirm or deny whether the ConstantContact API can support what I aim to develop. Essentially, for each user/e-mail that signs up for this feature, I need to perform a custom search of sorts based on user criteria, then place these results in the content body of the e-mail to be sent to each user. So, there's a couple sections of each e-mail (which we'll send some daily, some weekly) that need to be completely personalized for each user/e-mail. This goes beyond simply using tokens for custom fields like first name, last name, etc. Has anyone done something similar? Can the API provide the tools to allow me to do this?

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re: Dynamic email body content

At this point, there are no APIs for email content creation and customization. We are incrementally extending our API and this capability is on our list of desired capabilities.

Tom M
Group Product Manager – Content Editing
Constant Contact
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Similar Need?

I think I'm looking to do something similar -- I want to maintain lists in CC and have web applications provide body content to CC via the API to place into a pre-formatted template and send to the lists of my choice. Is this not possible, and emails can only be created within CC itself?



Currently we do not offer an

Currently we do not offer an API for pushing content to email campaigns.  As Tom stated, we are always extending the API functionality and that is on the list of feature requests.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Similar Need?

 I now have a client that needs email content customized daily depending on what the customers have requested.  When do you think this feature will be available?




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Rick, the API we are working

Rick, the API we are working on will only allow you to customize contents of an HTML/XHTML-based emails, in other words our custom code campaigns as you see in our UI.  I can't give you any specific date yet, but it is what we are working on currently.  The API, however, will not allow you to edit contents of a campaign that uses one of our templates so I want to make sure we set the correct level of expectations regarding the API's capabilities.

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any update

Any update on this API? Send Custom mail from API

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Re:Need Suggestion, new to Constant Contact.



Is it possible to create lists dynamically using Constant Contact API. I am working with PHP wrapper.

My requirement is that a campaign is created which is always binded to a list (list selection depends on the category a user selects - this is custom implementation) but now the problem is that client creates more than one campaign on same category and the corresponding list emails get updated impacting the loss/mismatch of contacts that are supposed to be in the previous campaign.


Is there any API available, so that I can either divide the emails in same list for two campaigns or create a new list dynamically?

Please reply.