How can I design my own Join My Mailing List?

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How can I design my own Join My Mailing List?

How can I design my own Join My Mailing List to create an immediate email response to my email address?


Hi Josheph,


I answered this question on your other post which you can find here.



Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer

Hi JosephH24

I've been doing some work with custom sign up forms and functionality, so let me know if I can answer any questions for you. I can't guarantee I know the answers, but maybe two heads is better than one.



Phil Ayres

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for responding. I need assistance on how to get an simultaneous email to our
email address when a contact enters info on Join My Mailing List so that
my supervisor will be aware of contact immediately. Can you help me redesign the JMML

code to do this?



Rebecca Jacobson

(Business Parter working under Joseph Haugh's account)

Hi Rebecca,


Rebecca - I sent a private message to the JosephH24 account with my contact details if it helps to discuss by phone.


I have done a range of things to get notified of a new sign-up, ranging from sending an email or IM from the server hosting the sign up form, to generating an RSS feed of sign ups, to triggering workflows that track leads for sales-people. 


All have relied on some extra code on the server hosting the sign up form.


Especially for Linux-based PHP servers, it can sometimes be as simple as using Sendmail to trigger an email to a fixed email address.


Let me know if I'm heading the right direction with this, and we can chat if needed.



Phil Ayres

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