How can i integrate an API to the list of people who sign up for my event.


How can i integrate an API to the list of people who sign up for my event.


I would like to take information about the registrant for my event such as names and email addresses and feed that information into an existing data base or CRM system.


More precisely, we work with a webcast Technology provider and once people sign up for the event  using Constant Contact we would like to send their first name,  last name and email adresses to the webcast tech provider so that the registrant can get the access code to the webcast


Pls let me know how i can achieve that. I have attached a document the webcast tech sent me

ON24 seamless_registration_instructions_v4 copy copy.jpg


Hey Joel,


I wanted to get some clarification on this from you. Are these users registering for an event using our Event Marketing product, or are they signing up for an email newsletter? Also, just to be sure I'm understanding correctly, these users will be signing up through Constant Contact, and you need that information to be placed into your ON24 account, or is this happening the other way around?

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer

Yes. The users are registering usinf the Event Marketing Product.


Yes they sign up thru Constant Contact and I need that information to be feeded to my ON24 Account

Our API allows you to gather registrant information, and after that point, you can definitely take the results and submit it to your ON24 account. We're here to assist with any issues that may come up during development. If you need a developer to make this integration for you, we suggest taking a look at our Marketplace. We have developer partners that have posted their available services.

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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