How do I create 2 forms on my website with different default lists


How do I create 2 forms on my website with different default lists

Maybe the API can fix this issue that I am having.

I have two different web pages with a "Join My Mailing List" form on each.  I want to be able to have different default lists for each form. 

In Constant Contact when you upload email list to their server you are forced to select 1 list as the "default list" which will show up as a checkbox on the confirmation page after the user has went on to my site and entered their email in the "Join My Mailing List" box. 

I want to be able to set it up so that I can create multiple forms on my site and have different email lists selections for each form (on the confirmation page).


Can I create a email form using API code that will add contacts (when they sign-up) to a specific list on my current Constant Contact account?


The Constant Contact JMML only allows a single default list per account.  The confirmation page is shared regardless of how many sign up forms are put on different websites.


To do what you are looking to accomplish, you would need to either have multiple Constant Contact accounts, one for each unique website or company, or use our API.  The API has the ability to create unique sign up forms for as many websites as you code for a single account.  The default list for each of these accounts would also be up to you to decide as the programmer.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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