How soft bounces are handled by constant contact

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How soft bounces are handled by constant contact

Hello Support Team,

We are developing a dashboard application, with respect to that we are accessing constant contact api methods to get the camaign results to show the graphs, numbers in  our application. 

During the testing of the application we simulated some test mails and monitoring our batch jobs which pushes the data from constant contact api methods to our database.  In the process we have simulated the data for soft bounces,  here we are not getting the results as expected by constant contact.  We would like to know how the soft bounces are handled by you., i mean exactly what logic/mechanism you are following, if there is a soft bounce when the constant contact web interface will show the count, will it retry for a specific number of iteratinos and update the reports??.

Please let us know in this regard, looking forward for a response.






The way Constant Contact handles soft bounces is that in the event of a soft bounce, our servers will retry to send the email three times. On the third time, if it is still not sending, it will record as a bounce.


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