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How to activate a removed user using code ??


How to activate a removed user using code ??


     How to activate a removed user using code ?? Can anyone help me with code ??





Hi Satishsm,   Are you trying

Hi Satishsm,


Are you trying to change a "Removed" contact to an "Active" contact or opt back in an Unsubscribed contact?


To add a Removed contact back to an Active contact, you only need to update their details to have them be members of one or more mailing lists in your account.  For more information on updating contacts, please see this post:


If you are looking to opt back in an Unsubscribed contact, the process is almost identical.  The only requirement is that you must have a record of the contact requesting to be opted back in (email, web log, other) so that you are always in compliance with US CAN-SPAM laws.  Also, the action for Opt Ins is required to be set to ACTION_BY_CONTACT to reflect that they are specifically requesting to be opted back in.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Which XML tag to update ????



 1. Is it possible to update status as Active when the record status is REMOVED.. ?????


 2. If so i need to change status from removed to Active. I need to update..


 3. If i need to update , It should be passed in XML . For that which XML tag i need to pass for updating a record's Status as "Active".  (eg.. For statename there is tag  <StateName>'.$txt_state.'</StateName>) likewise Which tag element is used for status update ??


4. If so, I Should only pass the particular status tag or should i pass email-address tag for reference..?? nor any other tag should be passed along status tag for reference ?? (ie. For Refereing id=xx is status is changed??)









 Can anyone  reply for the above ??




CTCT Employee

In order to change a contact

In order to change a contact from removed status to active you merely need to place them on a list. There is no specific 'active state' or 'state name' tag that needs to be updated. As long as there at least one valid <ContactList> specified in the <ContactLists> node, the contact should be changed from Removed to Active. Please note that this is not true for 'Do Not Mail' and 'Awaiting Confirmation' contacts.


There are four statuses that a contact can be in: Active, Removed, Do Not Mail, and Awaiting Confirmation. Please see the descriptions below for more information.


Active Contacts are those that are on at least one list and therefore available to mail to.

Removed are contacts that are not on any lists however they are still considered to be subscribed to your account. These cannot be mailed to until they are on at least one list. You have the ability to add them to any lists you would like at which point they will become Active.

Do Not Mail are contacts that have unsubscribed from your account and can only be resubscribed by their own actions.

Awaiting Confirmation are contacts that have subscribed to at least one of you lists but have not yet responeded to a confirmation email sent to them by our system to verify their interest. This type of contact is only available when your account has the 'Confirmed Opt-In' option turned On.

Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact