How to add a new registrant to an event using v2 AppConnect API PHP

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How to add a new registrant to an event using v2 AppConnect API PHP

I have an event registration form created in a WordPress (PHP) site. Using the v2 AppConnect API, I'd like to allow users to register for an event. If the event doesn't exist, the event would first be created, and then allow the user's registration be submitted.


Viewing the v2 AppConnect API doc for EventSpot Event Methods ( there is no endpoint for submitting a new registrant. There are endpoints for getting all registrants for an event. There are also endpoints for creating a new event, fetching a list of events, etc. But the crucial endpoint for submission of new registrants is not there, along with any example json for PUT.


Is it possible to submit a new registrant through the API? Because of this limitation, the current solution (PHP cURL) being used is creating a new Contact List instead and using an event list to submit to. I'd like to use Events in CC instead.


As of this posting, you can view a submission form here:



Unfortunately you are not able to add registrants to an event via our API. Our v2 API can only be used to get information about events and those who have already registered.

We are currently looking at options for event marketing endpoints in our new v3 API that is being developed, though we don't have a timeframe for when these will be available. I have provided feedback to our product team about this on your behalf.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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