How to add custom fields, postal address, or tags in php-sdk example?


How to add custom fields, postal address, or tags in php-sdk example?

I am successfully using the example shown here:


...but  I am lost on how to simultaneously include the subscriber's postal address and custom fields in the same API call.  Surely this can be done but how do I modify the add/update code in the above example to also insert custom field data and postal address information ?




If you look at the Contact object as defined here:, notice that there are many additional fields available for you to set outside of firstName and lastName.  All you need to do is set any of the available fields on the Contact object prior to making the request to us.  The files in that Component folder have all the available fields.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Dave, quick question on this thread as we tried to find "tags" API this month.  Available yet to sync?




Still no updates on when we'll be able to support tags in the API.  At this point, we've publicly announced we've migrated over 500,000 customers to our new contact management system, which means we have 10's of thousands left to migrate before we can turn on the rest of the features in the API. 


We'll definitely be putting out more information on new features like tags in our developer newsletter and our techblog ( as we are able to release them.  I still don't see us being able to get tags out though in the first half of 2014 as the remaining accounts to migrate are much more complicated and take a lot of time.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks Dave and will check back on it on blog.  The new custom fields are a big hit too:)

Regular Participant

Hi Dave, any update on when you will support tags in the API?

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Bob Brock
Owner / Lead Developer, River Media

Hi Bob,


Thanks for reaching out about the addition of Tags to the API. While we don't have a specific timeline yet, we're currently hoping to get things lined up so we can start work on that(and ideally get it out for you as well!) in 2016. As we get more information available about this, it's most likely to be communicated through our developer newsletter and techblog, both of which can be found at



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Are there any updates on the ability to add tags to a contact through the API?



Right now this is something we're targeting for the next version of our API which we are currently developing. For the most up-to-date updates on this process you can keep an eye on our Tech Blog, or sign up for our developer newsletter (both of which are available at



David B.
API Support Specialist

Occasional Participant

So I just searched the tech blog for they keyword "tags" and nothing came up.  It's over 3 years since the first post in this thread, and 8 months since the last "we're working on it".


Being able to manage Tags for Contacts via the API would be amazingly useful.



Thank you for commenting! We appreciate your patience as we work on our newest version of our API, V3. We agree that managing tags would be quite useful and plan to include that feature in V3. We are currently planning to launch contact features with the V3 API within a few months!


Please let me know if you have any questions!



David B.

API Support Specialist

Occasional Participant

Is there any update when v3 will be released?



Thank you for your continued interest in the V3 version of our API. We are 


As of right now I don't yet have a date I can provide for for general availability, but I can tell you that we are hard at work on finishing contacts features for our V3 API. If you would like to be notified when this is available, feel free to send an email to



David B.
API Support Engineer

@David_B. wrote:

As of right now I don't yet have a date I can provide for for general availability, but I can tell you that we are hard at work on finishing contacts features for our V3 API.

I am the original author of this post.  I asked this question:

1,303 days ago.
3 years, 6 months, 26 days and some hours ago.

You've spent that time replying in this thread that it's coming, it's coming, it's coming.   I get notified every time another customer asks for this functionality.   You know what is embarrassing?

This kind of customer service is embarrassing.   Your inability to bring a simple API function to market in almost FOUR YEARS is
so sad its driven me to write this post calling you out.  Do you even see how bad you look here or do you just blindly reply without realizing how many times you've said the same thing?

Maybe instead of telling people to email you so they can be updated when you finally accomplish this you could spend that time adding the functionality to the actual API that exists today -- because your track record in this email thread is dismal at best.


Hi @JeffG791,


Thank you for posting and sharing your feedback and concerns with us. I'm sorry that the functionality isn't yet available in the API. I can assure you that it's something our people here have been working on, but it is not yet ready for release. I will share your post and comments with that team and keep you in the loop once this is released.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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