How to assign bulk conatcts to campaign using java api?

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How to assign bulk conatcts to campaign using java api?

Hello Team,

We are using JAVA Api for creating campaign and scheduling.We are successfully added contact list to campaign through api But we are planning to run campaign to specified conatcts from Contact List So,


Is there any possiblity to add specified existed contacts(Already added in Constant Conatct) to campaign by Email through java api call?



Santosh Kola




When sending an email you have to specify a contact list for the email to be sent to, not an individual email address. 


This can be accomplished through an API call. You will want to check out this website for the details out the following websites for details; pay specific attention to the data pair for "sent_to_contact_lists" as that is how you specify which list your email will be sent to.


For emails created through the Constant Contact website.


For emails created through the API.


You can check out our Java library for examples of Java code already written which can be found here.

Jimmy D.
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Hello Jimmy D,


Thanks for your response,

Can you please extend your support, will you please help me out with a piece of code for adding the bulk of emails to a list  in a single call 




Santhosh Kola



This question appears to overlap with your other post, so I will address this request there:



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