How to get the edit profile link for user?


How to get the edit profile link for user?

User received emails with link to update profile. It looks like:

Can I receive by API these parameters for user to publish the account settings URL on my site? I didn't found the doc how to do it.


Our API does not expose our proprietary systems such as Update Profile email links or Unsubscribe links.  Instead, we expose the functionality to build your own update pages and unsubscribe pages.  You can find information on how to update a Contact here:

Dave Berard
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I messed up the original code in the update profile form. Can I get the stock code somewhere start from scratch? I'm not too familiar with writing script.


Thank you.



Hi @DashH1,


If you altered the HTML code in your Update Profile form you will want to call in to our support department at 866-289-2101, or chat with an online agent, so they can assist you with restoring that.

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